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Hi all

Sadly due to a couple of months of poor health of a close family member, followed by his loss, plus my own health mobility issues I have not been able to fish as much this year.

Do not let this put you off reading the blog. There is a lot of very useful information on here, for those wanting to fish and those with mobility issues wanting to fish again.

Thank you for visiting the blog… enjoy your fishing.

If it was to easy every time I guess we would get fed up ;o)


FISHING ACCESS for those with mobility problems (As details in section 2)



What has happened to the weather this summer?   Thursday was the only possible day to go fishing this week and as luck would have it the weather said,

a nice sunny day, top temperature 16c, winds light and westerly. 


I fancied Foxhouse’s fishery but due to the heavy rain in the last 48 hours it was another no no. The ground would be to soft to drive onto.


I set off just before 7am, there were a few black clouds about but, no worries, the forecast was good and it wasn’t going to rain. What are those large drops of water on the wind screen I thought. Not to much thankfully so lets go fishing.


I arrived at Cleveley Bridge Fishery around 7am, but it was not the usual sort of day. Normally I know where I will fish, but not today. Shall I fish Butterfly, there are 2 pegs on there I could fish, I looked at all the lilies but saw no sign of and feeding from the bottom or movement anywhere. I crossed over to Serpentine lake, there are 4 pegs I could fish here, all level and room to park next to. The only peg with signs of bottom feeding or movement was No 11, the peg I fished last week. Well that’s it I thought, lets see how it goes and see if I can better last weeks 18 fish including 4 carp.


7.30 in goes the line, within 30 minutes the action started… yep it started to slash it down, big drops and heavy. Erm not according to the weather forecast! Forget the brolly PJ just waterproofs and sit it out, by now I was hurting to much to have to get up and put up a brolley. 15 minutes later it had stopped raining and back to fishing but, where are the fish?   It is amazing how two days can be so different, same lake, same peg as last week, but last week I was burnt to peeling (forgot sun-cream), this week rain, sun and a cool breeze.


I caught a couple of small bream and then the heavens opened again. This is Crazy, the Met office had boasted about having this super dooper new computer system for more accurate weather forecasting and they can’t get a day, or part of a day right. I sent a text to my wife, peeing down here and heavy, she replied yes same here. I think they should call it the ‘whether forecast’ not the ‘weather forecast’.


Where was I? Oh yes fishing. As they day went on the weather did improve and fortunately no more rain.


It was a strange old day, you know, one of them days when the fish arn’t biting so the fishermen start chatting. A guy on the Speci lake came to talk, several times, been on there 24 hours he said and not a bite. (I knew he wasn’t talking sandwiches). Two guys on the Canal Lake, one had a small carp, one had a carp on and lost it and the conversations followed same with others. Fish did start to take the bait on the speci lake late afternoon as 3 small carp came out and a 16.5lb to a guy from Skipton. Well done mate. But nothing much on any other lake today.


Nothing wrong with the fishery, it is a great place, lots of fish but if they arn’t feeding we can only try, and try and try again. I never realised I had so many different baits, and different pellets.


Results of the day were 14 bream weight between 1 to 2lbs and a reasonable roach. 15 fish and sadly not one carp.

That’s fishing I guess. If it was to easy every time I guess we would get fed up (Try me), it all adds to making us want to fish another day.

Cleveley Bridge ~ 16 July 2015 Serpentine Lake at last I can fish again!

FISHING ACCESS for those with mobility problems (As details in section 2)



Well at last I found I could get out and go fishing again…..

Cleveley Bridge ~ Serpentine Lake


After two months not being able to fish I was ready for some bodily relaxation and hopefully a few fish. It has been a hard two months, my aunty had cancer and was dying and my wife’s dad after months of hospital referrals and admittances was taken in again. Five weeks of two visits to see him in hospital each day was truly exhausting and to make it worse I pulled a muscle in my neck trying to get out, (part of my disability). Sadly both passed away and the services were last Friday and Monday. Knowing my wife was OK and with her blessing I decided to give it a go again. Where to fish wasn’t an issue, I felt I had to pick up where I left off so it was off the Cleveley Bridge I went and back to Serpentine lake. It was 7:15am and the water was boiling, I mean steaming from the drop in temperature last night. The air temperature was 12 degrees as I started to fish.  


Back to the first statement, the water was boiling, there were feeding bubbles coming up all over the place so let’s fish PJ!


30min, 45mins, 60min, 75min not a knock!!! Then at last the rod tip flew


A 3lb 2oz was the ‘blank breaker’ yippee, it took luncheon meat, corn was doing nothing today.


Then it went dead for a while before a nice 3lb common that took a McDonald’s!  Luncheon meat in the hair and small bit of cheese in the hook.


Within 20 minutes had another. Not to big, 2lb 12oz but it went like a rocket!


Then like switching off a tap it went dead.

Two months since I was last here and there are lilies all over the place!



But the bites kept coming even though I lost 4 fish to the lilies!!! Arrrr

It was a bit of a Heinz day, I had a nice variety of fish.

A 2lb tench, they are not big in here but they are a lovely fish.




A nice roach


And towards tea time another common carp 3lb 4oz. Not a good picture, it wouldn’t keep still!




12 Bream in all from 1lb to just over 3lb – some on luncheon meat rest on twin lip mussel pellets

4 carp – luncheon meat with cheese on the hook, later sweet pellets

1 tench – luncheon meat

1 roach – luncheon meat

I stuck to feeder all day even though it got really warm later on


18 fish on the day, not bad for a novice, but well chuffed for my first day fishing for 2 months. 

Cleveley Bridge 21 May 2015 – Whether to fish or Weather to fish?

FISHING ACCESS for those with mobility problems (As details in section 2)




Cleveley Bridge 21 May 2015 - Whether to fish or Weather to fish?


Decision time although not sure where to fish this time.


Foxhouses still too wet, Borwick still to windy, etc, etc.  Only 2 options left! Villa or Cleveley Bridge!


Maybe I should fish Villa lake 4 as a challenge, the most un-interesting lake I can think of, or I go back to Cleveley Bridge, possibly try Butterfly 1 lake.


I decided to go to Cleveley Bridge. Still wrestling with where to fish (not like me) I thought I would have a drive round the fishery and see if I can get the car near a peg on the Canal Lake. Sadly no chance! So I have to consider Serpentine again or one of two pegs on Butterfly 1. So much choice!!!  My problem is I fall into the second category above, I have to park near a peg as I cannot walk very far at all, rolling out my chair and walking into position with attachments and adding my bags and rod is my limit so limits big time where I can fish.


Hence the reason for this blog! Fisheries are not catering for people with mobility issues, I think they are missing out! They only need to look at the number of disabled bays at shopping centres and garden centres to see the vast amount of disabled parking places, a percentage of these could be people who would like to fish, yet like me never thought it possible. I am very limited where I can fish but, I am glad my wife pushed me to do so. Hopefully more fisheries will take the initiative and create pegs with suitable access for disabled people and those with mobility problems. This Blog focuses on Mobility issues to hopefully help people fish again. The fishery that is first to provide suitable pegs, could be the first to realise the business they have been missing. Hopefully this Blog will help also… if one fishery makes it possible for people with mobility issues I will be pleased, if more people with disabilities and mobility problems find they can fish again it will have all been worth while. I find it is not just the joy of catching fish, it is the relaxation of the mind and body, the enjoyment from getting out, seeing wild life, enjoying a bit of fresh air. (The few hours escapism from the Mrs ???)


All we then need is some nice weather. It will come.


I thought back to recent visits to Cleveley Bridge fishery, I had seen, on almost every occasion, the odd person fish Butterfly 1 and then end up on Serpentine lake because they caught nowt, that did it, decision made. Well almost, I now had to choose a peg on Serp. lake… 8, 9, 10 or 11. I did 9 last time so guess 10 is worth a try.


The night had been cold so the water will be even colder, the forecast was a mixed bag so anything can happen today, and it did. :cold:



I got set up and in goes the line, start close to the island I think. Not good today not even a knock in the first hour and a quarter. So I came in and fished close in on my side, still nothing for another half an hour.
:fishing: ???
It was cold and windy and started to rain, I got under the brolly and tried another area I had at last seen bubbles although with the wind and ripples they were not easy to see. At last the rod tip goes :cheer:



2lb 4oz bream, then another 1lb 12oz bream.


Over the space of just over 2 hours I managed another bream almost 2lb, a some more smaller bream…


A small tench


And a crucian


The rain had eventually stopped but it was blowing a gail, at one point I thought I was going to do a Mary Poppins sat in my chair! I was glad I had thermals on though (mid May!!!), the wind was cutting through my hands like a knife. :cold:


The geese and other birds were out of the way today, just a few ducks occasionally but these little fella’s needed grub and were braving the wind… sadly I don’t think we will see these again, in the last hour they came by again, the small one large as life, the larger one looked like a submarine ready to go under. Two double gashes, low down, both sides of the next and bleeding, possible a larger bird, duck or goose’s beak. The duckling had been had been in a fight and had little strength left. Nature can be so cruel, there were 10 ducklings in my images several weeks ago.



Here you are guys you’ll be fine, put these on…  :cold: :cold:


In the last few hours knocks were none existent, the wind was to strong, the under current must have been also causing fish to look for sheltered areas or deeper pockets, all I managed was one more small bream but, returned home please I had not blanked.


Cleveley Bridge 16 May 2015 – lets try that new rod!

FISHING ACCESS for those with mobility problems (As details in section 2)



Cleveley Bridge 16 May 2015 – lets try that new rod!


With the weather as it is this year, wet, wet, wet, it is hard to find a place I can fish.

Amazing, not in a good way, we are only a month off ‘Mid Summers Day’


Left with just two options, Villa or Cleveley Bridge, I chose the latter.


I looked at the forecast the night before, as we do, don’t know why it is always wrong! It said rain till 1am then ok Saturday, so it was sorted and my wife loaded my stuff in the car ready. As I was driving there it was clear it had rained within the last hour, the roads were wet, forecast wrong again so I guess anything could happen.


I arrived at the venue and a guy and his wife were already fishing Serpentine lake, 6 and 7 peg I would say.

I chose my peg and got set up, new rod on the rest and ready to go.




RRP £54.95, Gerry’s Morecambe £49.95 and I used a £5 voucher from my Loyalty points to get it for £44.95 :thumb:


Feeder set, meat in the hair and in it went, not long before I was into a nice common, spot on 4lb


The rod was christened, no blanko todayo… and again the tip went and reeds and lillies bashed about…

This time a nice 3lb 12oz common


I was happy if I didn’t catch any more fish today :nonono: , the rod works guys :thumb:

Next another common 2lb 8oz


This is triffic and not long after another common 2lb 6oz


The fish weights were getting smaller every time but then something changed. The blumming weather!!!

The temperature dropped big time and a freezing cold wind came in from the west. :cold: The water cooled and the fish stopped. It was time to zip up, button up and look at the wildlife. Not even a slight tap for several hours. ???


The ducks are still here and the 10 duckling have dwindled down to just two. No image here as included them last time.


The geese have 5 goslings, there are really coming on now, they wander around the place from lake to lake all day long


And of course the robin kept coming back for treats


It was a cold 4 hours with very few knocks, everything knocked off, even my fishing neighbours moved twice finally ending up fishing the canal lake which was more sheltered.


I was so carried away with the (lack of bites) I mean the wildlife. But eventually the bites came back and I had 2 tench and 3 beam, the last bream no picture it wasn’t very big. I lost 3 fish on the day, 2 probably light hooked but, also had one from the far bank, water splashed, reeds and lillies flew only this time it wrapped around them, :banghead: I spent 10 minutes releasing pressure then adding it but evenetualy, no fish but I didn’t break line or lose feeder or hook length. :thumb:


Well that’s about it really, I sat their content with my new rod, content with numerous chats to my fishing neighbours who kept coming to see me, even after moving onto the canal lake. They both had a carp and I think about 17 bream, well done to both of them.


Looks like I wasn’t the only one content with the day, my new neighbours seemed to have moved in and made themselves at home :thumb:

Cleveley Bridge – Serpentine Lake – a trying day

FISHING ACCESS for those with mobility problems (As details in section 2)



Cleveley Bridge – Serpentine Lake – a trying day


Sometimes no matter what we try do things don’t seem to work out.
Father in law ill, had call out doctor out two days on the trot, mad rush to get to chemist before 8:30pm Sunday night, morphine and 2 other drugs. After a long discussion whether to fish or not my wife threw my fishing stuff in the car for me and we carried out a verbal check list, have you got, yes, yes, yes!

So I decided to go to Cleveley Bridge, it had to be Serpentine lake. Before setting off I asked the wife, are you sure, you go and relax she said. So we agreed and I knew if I had to, I could be home within an hour.

Bank Holiday Monday, usually buzzing with people, especially after all the rain we had several days before but, there were 4 bivvy buddies on the Speci lake and me! As the day went on more arrived but nothing like a Bank Holiday.

I sat on my rear bumper, that is the car’s bumper although I was sat on mine also. :oops:

Rolled out my chair with all the bits and walked it into place. Next the feeder rod and then… arrrrr no ground bate, only a fraction of my usual bait, a bag was missing! Oh well, good ‘Old Fashioned’ fishing! Corn or pellet, pellet or corn!

A few other guys turned up, one on Butterfly One lake, a few on Canal Lake, more on Speci Lake and five on Serpentine Lake. I had fished peg 9 and peg 11 and done ok in the past so today I was on peg 10. Another guy joined me and fished peg 11. We had a chat as fishermen do, not as fisherwomen do as there would be no time left to fish. :lmao: The guy next door kindly gave me a bit of his ground bait but the fish were not interested at all.

I started the day with a roach and 2 tench then it went dead! This was the point my neighbour arrived 10 – 10:30ish and some other guys.


We wet the line and waited, chatted and waited, looked to see if their was bait on the hook ??? wet the line again and waited.

Oh well may as well talk to the robin and count the ducks!!!


A week an a half ago there were 10 ducklings, then 5, then 4 last week, now just 3 but they are growing.

Where was I?

We wet the line and waited, chatted and waited, looked to see if their was bait on the hook ??? wet the line again and waited.

Oh well may as well talk to the robin and count the ducks!!!

No I am not repeating myself :banghead:


Then there was a bit of movement… no not the fish… the AE Enforcement Officers came from several directions. There was an elderly guy from Butter fly One lake chatting to me as they arrived, can I see your licence I think he said to me, it went down well when I asked him to repeat what he said because I am deaf. I got his licence ID about a foot from my face. :giveup: OK mate one minute was my reply and as I picked up my bag with the licence in I said, nice to see you guys out, we hear about you but never see you. No reply. He took the licence noted the details and thanked me as he gave me it back. What I didn’t know when I said…’nice to see you guys out, we hear about you but never see you’ was the elderly guy next to me had no licence. :oops: The EA guys mate was hovering over the unmanned gear by the side of the other lake.

Word soon got round, they caught two guys, the elderly gentlemen and a young guy on the speci lake, both with no licence. :sos:

Anyway where was I? Cleveley Bridge Fishing :lmao: What! you call this fishing PJ?
Between this and answering text messages all day, saying to my wife who was worried about her dad, I would go home if needed. I started to wonder what I should be doing. Her dad is being admitted to hospital as I write, a poorly man!

Not one fish since 10am!!! Knocks on the quiver were slight to none existent, nothing to strike on. I looked round and the guy next door had one on. :fish: Then another, a carp, I heard the word Dam! No explanation necessary :nonono: All in all not the best of days, I think the guy next peg had 3, some on peg 15 had a few between them, I finished it off with a bream but packed in early and went home.

No blank for me but it was hard work, fishing like it used to be, in the old days, no feeder, limited bait, a rod, reel and line and a hook on the end. :thumb:

I finished with a nice Bream, 4 fish only today but, the weather has been bad, night time temperatures low, excessive winds etc. Water is still cold so better days are coming.

At least I had my fishing licence. :lmao:

Serpentine Lake – the Big Chill and thermals on…

FISHING ACCESS for those with mobility problems (As details in section 2)



My wife loaded the car up late Saturday night ready for a good start Sunday morning.

What a shock I got!!! The car completely frozen over and the car stating ‘-1 degree’. I didn’t sleep well and was up from 4.30am, having read a report on Angling Addicts forum of the day before, I decided it had to be thermals on. 

On my way to Cleveley Bridge in the car, I passed by Ellel not far from the motorway roundabout, I looked down towards the canal, the fields were white over!

I arrived at Cleveley Bridge, the mist hovered over the deep.

Butterfly One lake


Although it took until dinner time to warm up a bit, what a difference it was when I packed up to return home. Same day!


I moved on to Serpentine lake.

I began with the feeder, but little was happening, not even a knock. Two hours passed by and all I had was a bream and a tench… but hadn’t blanked so that was a bonus.

I just couldn’t get into the fish, I felt they were not eating much, maybe not eating much as it was so cold last night so change of tactics. Out came the good old quiver tip rod, a small sliding weight, a short hook length with hair and fish over the ground bait already in the lake.

At first there were taps on the quiver end but not enough to strike on. 

Enjoy the scenery I thought but there was less today than last Thursday. 1 goose sat by the lake, frisky ducks not so frisky today, the robin and blackbirds were still around but it was very quiet today.

Last Thursday there were 10 ducklings, I noticed on a picture from AA Team Saturday only 5, today there are only 4!!!


There are no pike, could it be a fox, maybe, then in the afternoon I think I saw the culprit, a male duck chasing the ducklings with the female trying to protect them. Nature is nice but also cruel, as small as these little ducks are what happened next made me laugh. The male duck that had chased them head down, as soon as his back was turned the little sods put their heads down and chased the male duck just as he did with them. Until he turned of course then they ran the other way. :lol: 

During the afternoon things picked up again although knocks were light. I have heard in the past of flying bream but never seen any. Three of the ones caught Sunday literally jumped out of the water twice, at first I thought I had struck to hard but hadn’t.

So the day ended with the following…

A bream and a tench am



4 more bream, 1 last thing, plus a roach



And a common carp 6lb 4oz fish weight


There was an old gash in his side, but he was a real fighter.

I went home quite chuffed.

IMPROVEMENTS – Swanbrook Lake

Cleveley Bridge – Fishery or Nature Reserve?

FISHING ACCESS for those with mobility problems (As details in section 2)



Cleveley Bridge – Fishery or Nature Reserve?


Last July I found this fishery and said I would go back to it, but due to health issues I never fished from September last year, until April this year.

Last Tuesday the wife said let’s have a run out in the car, good idea I thought and strangely enough I ended up at Cleveley Bridge fishery.  It is a thoughtfully planned and well kept fishery, I got the urge to get the rod out and the line wet, I just had to fish it.

For the able bodied fisherman there are mixed fishery lakes in between trees and round winding foot paths, plus a canal lake around three sides which is a great idea. For the person who cannot walk far there are lakes by the car parking areas and for the person who has to park near a peg there are 5 pegs at the end of Serpentine lake and at the edge of the Butterfly lake opposite it.

This was my first fishing session here, I was excited but, also wondering how it fished, best positions, edges, near island, deeper water etc., my other thoughts were naturally which baits are best but that is all part of the challenge and the fun and if I didn’t catch a fish (I would be gutted) but in this beautiful place I know I was in for a nice relaxing day.

The temperature last night wasn’t bad and today sun was on the menu so it was time to fish. I set up on the end of Serpentine lake, Craig came round, we had a chat and I paid my dues, £6 for the one rod. I started fishing and instead of watching the rod I couldn’t help but be distracted by the abundance of wildlife.


It certainly didn’t take long for the robin to visit me!


There seemed to be more interest on the peg next to me.


Then a Blackbird came over, followed by a disabled moor hen, I didn’t see its blue badge but it was certainly near the main peg, one leg is stiff and the claws are bend backwards


I almost got carried away, there is so much going on, the odd crow and mischievous magpie also checking out the pegs. The knocks started to come at last and I into a bream… the day can do what it likes now, I haven’t Blanked!


and then another which was full of life and wouldn’t keep still so I took the picture upside down!  I put the fish back in the water the right way up though ;o)


at last some waters with tench in and my first tinca comes in nicely.


What a beautiful place… eh up here she comes again… having just rounded them up they were all over the place… mum… there is still one missing


Hello is this another one of those meetings… I think I will duck out of this one. No No No, my secret has gone  :secret:  that is where I baited up!!! 


What a beautiful place this is, Looked over by the canal lake and saw a heron cruising down, I looked at the trees in from small birds playing chase and another fringing fluff back to make a nest. Suddenly the rod tip went again… beautiful fish, not massive but excellent quality.


Suddenly there was a crash and my bait tray broke, everything fell on the deck! Fortunately a guy from another peg came to help me but my corn and hemp and other items, including my camera had all ended up on the floor. Fortunately not in the water. Seems like the ducks didn’t mind though and they certainly didn’t want to wait until I went home.


Two geese flew in and landed in the lake, what a splash, but nothing like the slash when they took off. Later one came to the side of the lake , making sure everyone was obeying the rules I think.  ;o) 150423_goose1

A nice roach


another bream


Another tench


another bream


All in all 10 fish, not all pictures included, but most of all what a lovely place, what a beautiful day. As I packed up to go home,  two rabbits came out to play but, I missed the main item… there is a white squirrel in the fishery. Craig came for a chat several times, and again as I was packing up. He told me the white squirrel was ‘behind me’ earlier in the day, near the bailiff’s hut. It is not an albino, it is white with black eyes. I can’t wait to come again and hopefully see the squirrel for myself… and catch some more fish.

Is Cleveley Bridge Fishery or Nature Reserve, for me it was both. A fantastic place.

Cleveley Bridge Fishery – Serpentine Lake


Cleveley Bridge Fishery

Cleveley Bridge Fishery




Cleveley Bridge, a 22 acre secluded, well designed and well established fishery,  hosts three main lakes and four Stock ponds.  The lakes comprise of the Swanbrook Lake also known as the Specimen Lake with carp known up to 30lb, the Canal which accommodates 40 pegs and is popular for matches and finally the Serpentine Lake, this accommodates 15 pegs and is also a popular choice for matches.  The four stock ponds comprise of Butterfly One, Butterfly Two, Last Resort and Lily Bank.  All the ponds are suitable for pleasure anglers, novice and accomplished.

All the lakes are well stocked and constantly maintained.  They contain a mixture of species of varying size and weight.  Most lakes have Mirror, Common and Grass Carp, Tench, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Bream and smaller quantities of Barbel and Chub all waiting to challenge the accomplished or novice angler.  Fishing is available by day ticket and overnight fishing (Swanbrook only) and long breaks can be arranged.

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